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OK, so you’ve decided to try a CrossFit class for the first time. All you need to do is let us know that you are coming. Click the “Select Intro Class” button below to see our schedule of up coming Intro classes. Select which class you would like to join, then fill out some basic information about yourself. If you have questions or would like to arrange a time not listed, please give us a call: 949-829-3605.
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In the fundamentals we will teach you the basics of CrossFit’s fundamental movements. We break these into three different personal training sessions and each day teach a different progression covering the nine fundamental lifts in CrossFit: the back squat, front squat and overhead squat (all covered in day 1); Strict Press and Snatch (covered on day 2); Clean and Jerk (covered on day 3).
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The best way to get a real sense of CrossFit is to stop by and take one of our Free Intro classes. We invite you to try a free class with us, to meet some of our members, experience our coaching, and check out the facility.In the free intro class, your one-on-one coach for the session will introduce you to the core concepts of Crossfit, what exactly we do and why,our class structure, and then guide you
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