I have never been the biggest fan of CrossFit gyms. I was introduced to this one because my old strength and conditioning gym closed down and a lot of the members gave this gym a try. I was intimidated by how everyone appeared to be more advanced than my current position, but the reason I stayed is the ambiance of the gym and the coaches, owners, and athletes alike. Everyone is friendly. The coaches show great concern on your well being and fitness journey. Every time I have addressed a goal or a certain concern, the coaches go out of their way to help me get there. They always go above and beyond. I am extremely thankful for the type of family I am gaining from this gym. I have several body issues – one of the most consistent ones is my hip. I almost always seem to be injured and it’s a little discouraging because I would have to go lighter, or sometimes it is too much and I can’t always catch up with the other people in the class. What I really appreciate, however, is that the coaches are always ready to help modify WODs to fit my current circumstance. They have given me pointers, addressed videos, and went well out of their way to try to resolve my consistent hip issue. It has really motivated me to work better on my form, knowing that once I have gotten that down… the strength portion will come back. During the workouts, everyone motivates another. We start together, we end together. So whether or not this will be your first time at a [crossfit] gym or your millionth time, CCF is an amazing place to go. You really build a family. 10/10 recommend!!