Ismael “Izzy” Silva

Hi my name is Ismael Silva but most of my friends know me as Izzy.

I began my journey into the fitness industry back in 2012. I was overweight and unhealthy. My dad actually was the one who prompted the change. It was tough journey but fast-forward 2 years and I went from 200+ lbs 22% BF to 150 lbs with 10% BF. Unfortunately, I still wasn’t happy. I struggled with body image issues and was really tired of the same routine. That all changed when I found Crossfit in 2014.

Within the first month I was hooked, instantly falling in love. I enjoyed seeing people grow, educating themselves, and have a good time with fitness. I began to dial in my nutrition, worked on performance rather than aesthetics, and began educating myself in the fitness industry. This allowed me to help our members with their technique and diet.
I’ve been olympic weightlifting for 2 yrs and I have been coaching for 2 years. I really love the process and think I continue to learn and grow with my athletes.