I thought it would be hard to transition to a different gym because I came from a pretty awesome place. I am picky about the coaching and programming and I’m happy to say that Carson CrossFit has been successful in both. The coaches are really knowledgeable and they know what they’re doing; they are organized and can control the flow of classes really well. It’s easy to say that I respect all of the coaches at Carson CrossFit. All the coaches there really want you to progress and become the better version of yourself.

They always have different events and activities going on – this keeps it fresh and exciting! They host different in-house competitions, fun challenges, and other fun activities for family and friends. They really care about their members and constantly work to make it a better place. Another great thing about Carson CrossFit are the people. The environment is contagious and hard to be away from. It’s great to be around other workhorses and people that just want to work to get better. Everyone is welcoming and has a great attitude. I definitely enjoy the diversity.

I’m extremely happy that this is a gym that I decided to transition to since we had to relocate from our other gym. Without a doubt, you should definitely come visit Carson CrossFit and all it has to offer!